Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Did I Say "100,000 Readers"? I Meant 200,000...

I just received an official confirmation on a Chinese bulletin board: my short story "See" has been published in the year's first issue of the magazine SCIENCE FICTION STORY (a.k.a. "Ke Huan").

And the same day as I spotted that confirmation on the Zhwj website, an email arrived from another Chinese publication, WORLD SF. The magazine has accepted my short story "Telephone Conversations" for its forthcoming 2005 summer issue.

"Telephone Conversations" originally appeared on my old homepage, under the title "Keeping Up With the Cloneses" (And the award for Worst Pun goes to...).

It's a series of "overheard" phone conversations by a gossipy housewife (a Desperate Housewife? ;-)) in the posh suburb Green Awnings, in the very near future. Some new neighbors have moved in across the street, and the housewife doesn't like it.

Not the best story I ever wrote... but good clean fun.

"Telephone Conversations" is an example of how to write about an extraordinary subject matter from an everyday viewpoint. Instead of depicting events from the "heroine's" viewpoint as she moves into a close-knit suburb, you see it from an angle everyone can recognize: "What are the neighbors saying?" This also allows for a satire of bigotry, plus the bonus that the villain is the protagonist.

I'm thinking of posting the English versions of "See" and "Telephone Conversations" on my homepage... but let me check with the Chinese publishers first, that they are OK with that.

Are you thinking of getting published in China? Read more about it here.

I've received more information about the magazine WORLD SF, from the Chinese writer Ruhan (a.k.a. "North Star").

"World SF" ("my magazine" :)) had spent a lot for marketing this new SF magazine and had a strong consulting committee which includes James Gunn, Elizabeth Hull (probably Fredrik Pohl, can't remember) and some other famous Chinese and Japanese SF writers). Its editorial committee is also composed by some of the the most active young Chinese SF writers, well, I may be not that young:). I just got the second official issue. It looks quite good.

NOTE: It can be a bit confusing to keep track of Chinese magazines - titles and covers are often quite similar, and there's the obvious language barrier for Westerners like me.
WORLD SF is not the same as SF WORLD, which is older and also the science-fiction magazine with the world's largest circulation+readership. (That's where I'm trying to get published next.)

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