Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Free Sample Inside!

I've been working on two SF novels in 2005... one is TERRA HEXA 2 - in Swedish - which is complete and slated for publication in Sweden next year.

The other novel - in English - is not "signed" with anyone. I wanted to try a "military SF" novel once... and I didn't want to imitate or emulate anything else.

I will post sample chapters from the novel on this site, http://yngve.bravehost.com/aboutsoldiesse.html , starting December 17 2005, and continuing into 2006.

So you may ask: why post these samples at all?
Answer 1: It helps me focus. As soon as I'm aware that other people are reading my text, I start paying more attention to what I write.
Answer 2: Or, you could say it brings me one step closer to live storytelling, something I'm very fond of but rarely get the opportunity to do (except with standup-comedy). It's hard to explain, but I like the idea of digital text being a "living document" that can change and grow even as you read it, just like live storytelling.

Enjoy (I hope)... and remember, it's only a little story I made up in my spare time.

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