Saturday, January 21, 2006

The A.R.Yngve Homepage Featuring READ MY BOOKS FOR FREE has been updated

Since 1999, I have posted unsold fiction and fiction samples on my homepage. It is updated on weekends.

The Jan.21 update includes:
- CHAPTER 45 of the space-opera THE ARGUS PROJECT (a serialized 98,000-word novel)
The previous update (Jan.14) included:
- A.R.Yngve's READING BOOK, Part 11 (humorous verse)
- THE TALE OF THE SOLDIESSE, Chapter 1.1. (a new sample chapter from a novel in progress)
- DARC AGES, Chapter 53 (an epic adventure serial featuring brave heroes, demented villains, feisty damsels, strange mutants, knights in shining armor, nonstop adventure, tragedy, romance... and talking robots)

And if you are into Web-surfing on your spiffy new mobile phone, there is my mobile site... with lots of reading and free mobile wallpapers.

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