Monday, January 16, 2006

THE FACE IN THE DOOR And Other Stories: Released!

I have this bunch of short and long stories which have been published in various venues -- magazines, semiprozines, e-zines and webzines -- and I wanted to collect them in a handy little book, just for fun. This book, THE FACE IN THE DOOR And Other Stories, is now available in my CafePress shop !

Several of the stories are still available to read -- for free! -- in these webzines:

-"Nightmare Number Six"
-"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Valhalla"
-"Lonely Planets"
-"Physical Terror"
-"Sins Of Our Fathers"
-"Grisham's World"

Other stories in the collection are "The Face In The Door", "See", "The War", "Landscape With Sententers", "Telephone Conversations", "K.C. And the Sunshine World"... plus a previously unpublished bonus story. "See" has been published three times in 2004-2005, which is my personal best.

And in case you're wondering: I made the cover image myself. The door looks pretty much like the door in the bedroom of my childhood. (You can find inspiration in the most trivial things...)

ADDENDUM (Release day, Jan.19, 2006):
I sat up until 10 in the evening proofreading the damned thing -- I thought it would never end! - -- but now it's done. My first collection of previously published stories is released, and available to buy.

I have greater respect for editors now. Proofreading and preparing a manuscript for printing is HARD work. Just when you think you're done, you find a new error somewhere.

And of course you'll remember at the last moment that you forgot putting in page numbers. At the end you'll hate your own writing. Argh!

The title story "THE FACE IN THE DOOR" is a sort of Lovecraft pastiche set in the present-day world. (The cover image should give you a good idea of what horrors that story has to offer.) Some of the stories can still be read for free on the Internet -- see the links here.

(NOTE: If you find typos in the stories on the Internet, please do not email me about them -- I have thoroughly corrected them all for this short-story collection.)

Enjoy... and please send me review quotes if you want to (I need a few!).

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