Friday, February 24, 2006

DARC AGES Are Coming...

My novel DARC AGES is currently running as a Web-serial on my homepage. In the month of March 2006, the serial -- a revised edition of the original 1999-2000 serial -- will be completed.

Will I self-publish the complete version? The reader poll results are, so far:
NO!=2 votes
YES!=8 votes
DON'T KNOW=1 vote
(that's my vote -- if I knew, I wouldn't have bothered with a poll, would I?)

Well, all right then, if 8 people insist, I'll release the revised edition of DARC AGES as a print-on-demand paperback through -- with illustrations! Coming this Spring.

If you just can't hold yourself till then, there's new moychandise in the DARC AGES SHOP (see images) ...

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