Saturday, March 25, 2006

Homepage? We Don't Need No Steenkin' Homepage!

My homepage has been updated with Chapter 60 of the Web-serial DARC AGES. But rest assured -- there are not many chapters left now!

As I proofread each of those chapters before I post them on the homepage, I notice how my writing style has changed over the years. (Mostly for the better.) The first draft was written in the mid-1990s, and the first Web-serial of DARC AGES appeared in 1999. (How time flies!)

Nowadays I don't try as much to impress with "fancy" words where a more common word/expression gets the point across, and my English vocabulary has improved a bit.

Over time, a writer learns to be economical with words. The typical rookie fallacy is to use too many words to describe something, because the rookie is really searching for the proper word/phrase that's not in his vocabulary.

Speculation: Has the Internet changed the way people write? Consider Wikipedia, for example. When you can "look it up" anywhere, anytime, you may not feel the same need to explain physical/technical detail and fact in prose. (Or is it the other way around? Writers dig up TOO MUCH descriptive detail from Wikipedia and infodump it all over their stories?)

Also, I strongly suspect the Internet itself makes the reader impatient. "So much text, so little time!" The writer has to respect this: cut down on the yadda-yadda, cut to the chase. (But I learned that before the Internet, when I wrote and drew comic-strips.)

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