Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"I Know Naaathingh! I Learrn It From A Boook!" *

I won't lie: I know NOTHING about the business of getting published.
This weblog focuses on the writing craft, not on what happens once you're finished with your story or novel.

But: You are probably going to try and get published For Real (and no, vanity publishing doesn't count). What can I tell you? Only this:

1. You're going to enter a World of Pain...
2. Listen to the advice of people with actual experience, like Neil Gaiman...
3. Consult the Preditors and Editors index to find a trustworthy agent.

Good luck, and... don't send money to agents or publishers. Ever.

(* The immortal line uttered by Manuel, the Spanish Waiter, in the British TV sitcom FAWLTY TOWERS -- in case you didn't know.)

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