Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't Just Sit There And Update Your Homepage! Do Nothing!

My homepage has been semi-updated with the first half of my "Precinct 20" crime/horror story "The Man Who Fell Out."

The second part of the story will be added in the next update, due to time constraints. It was originally written in Swedish for a small-press horror anthology, and I'm translating it into English for the homepage.

I'll admit: "The Man Who Fell Out" has a problem -- perhaps typical of the horror genre, or typical of LAZY WRITING -- we never get to see "the villain/monster". There is some "Unseen Menace" and its henchmen ("Are you a henchman?"--"No, I only go as far as lackey.";-))... and the heroes never get to see them. The henchmen always lurk beyond the next corner, the Unseen Menace is by its nature invisible.

Now, that would not work in a regular mystery/detective story, where the reader expects to at least SEE the culprit in the end. In horror, you can get away with NEVER showing the "culprit", the "bogeyman". So when you mix the two genres, as in "The Man Who Fell Out", you risk getting an awkward reader reaction: "Ehh... what is this supposed to be?"

But I like to mix genres, to play a little (or a lot) with genre expectations. That's why I'd be a lousy romance writer. Romance readers will cry bloody murder if the novel doesn't end EXACTLY AS THEY EXPECTED FROM PAGE 1.

"Precinct 20" is my little playground/mad-scientist's laboratory, where I can have murder mysteries end usolved, where the detective can accuse a nonhuman entity of drug-dealing, where there are no neat resolutions. I don't expect a lot of readers to enjoy this, but I'm having fun.

UPDATE: The story is now updated and complete.

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