Saturday, May 13, 2006

#¤#¤½*&*!! (Translated: "**** Microsoft Word!!")

I recently bought a new PC, which solved many of my old PC problems... and also gave me a whole bunch of new PC problems.

For instance: now that I use "latest" version of Microsoft Word, instead of "old-fashioned" WordPad, I can no longer just cut-and-paste sample texts into my Webpage. Because the text will still contain bits of text-formatting from Word, and that will screw up the text on the webpage. (Quotation-marks turn into question-marks, etc.)

When you write on a computer, consider using WordPad instead of Word. Sure, WordPad won't help you with the spellchecking... but at least it won't SCREW UP THE FORMATTING MORE!!

Computers. Have they REALLY made writing any easier? I know people who still write stories by hand! Discuss.


Mark said...

Not sure in what context you are pasting into a web page, but a lot of editors have "Paste special" under the Edit menu, that let you paste without formatting.

I agree in principle though; 95% of the time I don't want the formatting, and resent having to do anything special to paste without it...

A.R.Yngve said...

I use an HTML editor to make my homepage, and when I cut-and-paste from a Word document into the editor, certain symbols get screwed up: quotation marks, dashes, semicolons, the Swedish letters "ö, ä, å", etc.

And it REALLY ticks me off...

Johan said...

Copy from Word to Notepad and from Notepad to the html editor? Usually works, as far as I know, but then I don't use Windows and write all my html in text editors.


Marguerite said...

Word for Windows is awful.

I prefer Wordperfect, myself.