Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why Call It "Homepage" Update, And Not "Homesite" Update?

This week's homepage update features another chapter in the preview of my Military SF novel "The Tale of the Soldiesse"... and a re-release of ALIEN LAND, the sequel to ALIEN BEACH.

ALIEN LAND first appeared as a web-serial in 2001
(on another URL), but I wasn't happy with it -- the book got a little truncated, and other things distracted me from fixing it. (Weren't we all "distracted by other things" in 2001?)

This new serial will, hopefully, fix the flaws of the first ALIEN LAND version, and provide a proper conclusion to ALIEN BEACH.

Oh, and because I got sick with a cold,
I'll have to wait a week or two with another web-serial... the long-awaited sequel to DARC AGES. A complete new DARC AGES novel exists in written form, and will be serialized soon!

(I wrote it in one weekend, in an Indian speed-writing contest... but that's another story.)

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