Thursday, June 08, 2006

And Now, Some Shameless Marketing.

So: How do you market your book -- or even your name as a writer -- if you have no marketing budget?
(And don't expect publishers to foot the bill -- they are just as short on cash as you are.)

Early in life I learned that when I came upon an obstacle to a goal, I could either try to smash through it, or work myself around it. If your obstacle is Lack of Cash For Marketing Your Work, try to find other means that will cost you little or no money (and pose no risk to your health or reputation).

For starters, you could get yourself a Free Website to promote your work on. Tripod offers an easy-to-edit homepage service, with enough bandwidth and disk space.

Here is an example of a book-marketing website I made on Tripod. It contains the features you should think about having on your marketing site:
1. Inviting graphics (as opposed to butt-ugly graphics)
2. Samples
3. Feedback options
(guestbook, e-mail, messageboard)
4. Links to the book (if any)
5. Little extras that make the site interesting and worth sharing with others(animated trailer, rare production sketches, etc.)

Have a look at the example site, and let yourself be inspired to make one for yourself.

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A.R.Yngve said...

P.S.: Some well-meaning idiot might tell you that "it's only vanity-published writers try to market themselves. REAL writers who get published by REAL publishers don't dirty their hands with that sort of thing."


Self-marketing (or "showmanship" if you like) applies to EVERYBODY. What are those writers doing on Oprah's couch? They're selling books! Why are writers trying to get reviews in the NY Times Literary Supplement? To Sell Books!

If you think you're too good for selling your book... or too shy... or just not feeling up to it... then you're in trouble, no matter how talented a writer you are.