Sunday, June 11, 2006

How YOU Can Create A Marketing Site For Your Book

So you're thinking, "I've finally found a publisher for my book, but the publisher isn't going to spend big money on a new unknown, and I can't afford real marketing! This sucks!"

Stop feeling sorry for yourself! This is how you create marketing for your book practically for free. Go to Tripod.com, and sign up for a free homepage.

The "Site Builder" option lets you choose from several page layouts. (Be sure to add a Visitor Counter from the "Free Add-Ons", and a Guestbook.)

Add images of the book to the site, and as many quotes, reviews and samples as you can find. Finally, add links to where your book is for sale (for example, Amazon.com).

Need design ideas for your Tripod book site? Here are some examples I made, for my novels ALIEN BEACH, THE ARGUS PROJECT, DARC AGES and TERRA HEXA.

You don't need to hire someone to do this. Do It Yourself! Get going! I'm talking to YOU!

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