Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jumping The Shark

Hugh McLeod asks, in an interview with Seth Godin:

"As a cartoonist, I find myself quite surprised that very few of the more prominent bloggers out there are in the 'Arts'.
It seems we have lots of business thinkers, technologists, entrepreneurs, consultants etc, but why do we have so surprisingly few filmmakers, playwrites, novelists, musicians, painters etc at the top of the pyramid?"

My first answer might be: "Because the first category (business thinkers, technologists etc.) are Early Adopters, and the second category are somewhat less tech-savvy."

My second, sarcastic answer might be: "Because the second category is too busy working to blog..."

But McLeod is right. I will jump the shark! Here's an art sample (from my Web novel DARC AGES):

And here's a blow-up of my cover art for the 2006 CafePress chapbook release of the Web novel ALIEN BEACH:

There's more art over at my Gallery page...

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