Monday, September 25, 2006

If This Is Romance...

Read Liz Hunt's comment in the Telegraph article "Can Men Write Romantic Novels?"... and then ask yourself, So to some women, love is all about finding a man who's wearing the proper attire at all times?

Seriously: how many of you women out there think the central point of a written love story is what CLOTHES the guy is wearing?

OK, I'm not alien to the idea that a shabby appearance says something about a person's mental state... but this doesn't seem to be what Liz Hunt is talking about.

Sure, men can get fixated on what women wear, and insist that they put on certain items... but then it's not called "romantic", noooo... then it's called a "clothes fetish"!

First, Hunt claims that only women understand how to write about deep, brooding, obsessive love for a single woman.
Then she quotes Charlotte Bingham, saying "that a soul, or heart might be longing to make the right kind of romantic sounds, but will be turned away for no better reason than that he has plumped for wearing fawn which, alas, doesn't do a thing for her".

It can't be a very deep or brooding love these two women are capable of, then. And this would explain why I can't write romance novels. I'm just not shallow enough.

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fjl said...

Interesting ideas. Is it a question of not being shallow enough or not being talkative enough :-)