Monday, October 09, 2006

The Importance Of Vision In Writing (2)

An addition to the earlier posting about visual imagery as inspiration...

I have a bad habit: I make mock-up covers of books that aren't finished yet. I can't explain or justify this... it just helps me imagine what the book will be like.

(This is the equivalent of first wrapping the empty package... and then creating the actual present that you intend to put inside!)

For instance, I have an interesting synopsis for a "science-fiction romance" with the working title THE CLAN SLAYERS. (Give me time... I'll come up with a better title.). And wouldn't you know it... before I have even started writing the actual manuscript, I made this mock-up cover...

Why do I do this? Why, why, why? Maybe for inspiration, or to remind me about an outline that risks being neglected in a drawer. Maybe the trick will work for you. I have no idea.

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