Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Finnish Zine Reviews Swedish Writer Who Writes In English -- In Swedish

The Finland-based zine Enhörningen (="The Unicorn") has posted reviews of my books THE FACE IN THE DOOR And Other Stories and the chapbook THE ARGUS PROJECT.

Review quote, on THE ARGUS PROJECT:

"Trots att det när det kommer till kritan är en rätt så underhållande berättelse som onekligen har sina meriter ger den av någon anledning ett lite platt och intetsägande intryck The Argus Project kan inte påstås vara speciellt orginell [sic], spännande eller djupsinnig."
"Despite being, in the end, a rather entertaining narrative which undoubtedly has is merits, for some reason it gives a somewhat flat and empty impression The Argus Project cannot be said to be particularly orginal [sic], exciting or profound."

Review quotes, on THE FACE IN THE DOOR And Other Stories:

"I samtliga noveller är hans engelska utmärkt både ur ett språkligt och stilistiskt perspektiv. Novellsamlingen som helhet är både välbalanserad och välskriven."
"In all the stories his English is excellent both from a linguistic and stylistic viewpoint. The story collection as a whole is well-balanced and well-written."

"Yngve kommer till sin rätt då han skriver noveller, The Face in the Door and Other Stories kan verkligen rekommenderas!"
"Yngve is at his best when he writes short stories, The Face in the Door and Other Stories is heartily recommended!"

(Both reviews by Jan Ray. Thanks to Cecilia Wennerström for the tip.)

Now, THE FACE IN THE DOOR (for sale as e-book and chapbook paperback) contains my story "See"... which I've sent to the podcast zine Variant Frequencies. (It should appear there in early 2007.)

Writer and podcaster Matt Wallace has read "See" and comments on his weblog:

"I was REALLY taken with it, man. It's sort of hard science but not really. Isn't bogged down by pages and pages of technobabble. It's more like Ted Chiang. Concept science. It's more literate, though. The prose is better. And it's got this fanciful kind of quality that I dig, something about human perception. It's sorta why I'm so into space travel. Mind-expanding ideas, the big abstract "What if's", the limitless possibilities of the universe. All that jazz.

"Yngve has a couple of novels out in Sweden and assorted other stories I haven't checked out yet, but I plan to. If you dig sci-fi, and don't mind it being clean and suitable for younger readers (I know. A lot of the time that turns me off, too), then check him out."

I can't make a living off this writing racket... but the reviews make it worth the effort.

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