Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Web Serial A MAN CALLED MISTER BROWN (At SpaceWesterns.com)

The webzine SpaceWesterns.com has bought my novella "A Man Called Mister Brown" and is now publishing it as an 8-part serial.

Chapter 1 can be read HERE.

"A Man Called Mister Brown" is pure space opera, lightweight entertainment. The plot takes place 200 years into the future, but most of its plot elements could easily fit into the 19th century or the present.

The only "depth" I consciously put into the story is a subtext about racism. The protagonist is black, and moves in a future world where humans have genetically engineered themselves into various new "races" or even species.

And you might think that in such a future, people would be more tolerant of each other... but virtually every character (except the protagonist) is prejudiced against every other race/species and uses derogatory names for them.

FOOTNOTE: Those who have read my other stories may notice that "A Man Called Mister Brown" takes place in the same "universe" as my space-opera novel THE ARGUS PROJECT.