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A SCANNER DARKLY (1977) by Philip K. Dick

This novel comes with an author's afterword that makes a few things clear:

1) The characters and settings are based on Dick's own experience living in California during the hippie/counter-culture era;

2) He lost a lot of friends to drug abuse.

Thus, A SCANNER DARKLY is more than a typical ("typical" meaning very weird) Dick novel about shifting realities, paranoia and questions about human identity.

It is also a fictionalized account about the dying days of the drug-addled hippie era. Lives are wasted, minds disintegrate, addiction destroys the bonds and community between humans. It's a sad story, despite the dark humor and compassion.

Since the story is so grounded in lived-in reality, the science fiction elements feel almost unnecessary. No "sense of wonder," no moments of "conceptual breakthrough" are available here - only the bleak insight that drug addiction ruins everything.

Recommended, but kind of a bitter pill to swallow. (The movie version is very good.)

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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Book reviews: DAMNED and DOOMED by Chuck Palahniuk

(FOOTNOTE: These reviews previously appeared in my Instagram feed.)

1. DAMNED (2011) by Chuck Palahniuk

What the hell is it about "Hell" that has attracted so many poets, writers and artists for thousands of years? (Dante, Hieronymus Bosch, Sartre to name a very few...)
Perhaps it's misanthropy, or guilt, or a mix of both - I don't know...

Anyhow... In the black comedy DAMNED, Palahniuk throws a teenage girl into Hell. She's forced to work in a telemarketing call center to torment the living.
(Well OF COURSE telemarketing is based in Hell. No sane person would argue with that.) Our heroine eventually decides that Hell isn't nice (she's right) and starts a rebellion against Satan.

The novel ends with "To Be Continued..." and there's a sequel, DOOMED, which is reviewed below.

I think this book is obscene, tasteless and thoroughly unsuitable for anyone under the age of 15. It also made me laugh a lot. Perhaps I have bad taste. Also, the plucky heroine and her band of rebels are sympathetic characters - especially the British punk rocker.

2. DOOMED (2013) by Chuck Palahniuk.

At the risk of spoiling the plot: DOOMED is what Neil Gaiman's GOOD OMENS would've read like if it were written by Chuck Palahniuk (the author of FIGHT CLUB).

This is a sequel to the novel DAMNED (which has been reviewed elsewhere in this feed).

The protagonist, who died and went to Hell in the previous book, is now back on Earth as a ghost. She must stop the nefarious plot of Satan... but of course it's not quite that clear-cut and simplistic. Things get weird, confused and icky.

I laughed out loud several times while reading DOOMED. I also squirmed as many times. You have to be aware that Palahniuk almost always tries to make the reader both laugh and feel very uncomfortable.

DOOMED won't make much sense unless you've read DAMNED first. And it's definitely not for everyone. Recommended for Palahniuk fans... and people who haven't forgotten what satire really means in these strange times.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Recension av REX OMEGA på Instagram

Bokbloggaren i_min_bokhylla har postat en väldigt positiv recension av min nya roman REX OMEGA.

Läs recensionen HÄR.

REX OMEGA finns på biblioteket och i de flesta nätbokhandlar.

Book review: THE LEGION OF TIME by Jack Williamson

THE LEGION OF TIME (1938 magazine serial; first book publication in 1952) by Jack Williamson.

This is the kind of pulp-magazine sci-fi that inspired today's blockbuster movies: Fast-paced adventure with nonstop action, flat characters, a dash of romance, imaginative settings, plus one "Big Idea" as the motor of the plot.

The plot could be summarized as "The Magnificent Seven in a time machine." The idea of a legion fighting across time has cropped up in pop culture now and then, but THE LEGION OF TIME is the granddaddy of them all - it originally appeared as a 1930s magazine serial in ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION.

Author Jack Williamson used the (then) fresh and unexplored theme of quantum mechanics, and came up with a truly original plot: There are two competing alternate futures, fighting each other by trying to alter the past. This being pulp fiction, one future is Good and the other one Evil.

The "good" future gathers a crack team of scientists and soldiers from the past,
with the American protagonist as its leader - the "legion" of the title - to help find the "hinge point" in history that determines which future will come true...

It's a fantastic idea, but it's squeezed into a pulp serial that was obviously written very quickly. The book contains far too much fighting at the expense of plot, character development and depth.

Though Williamson had talent, this short novel will seem overly simplistic to modern readers - like a very violent YA book, with outdated gender roles and crude ethnic stereotyping.

I recommend THE LEGION OF TIME for three reasons. One: It's got a great idea that could have been used better. Two: aspiring writers should study it to learn what works and what doesn't work today.

And the third reason: THE LEGION OF TIME is an escapist adventure and it does "carry the reader away" by its sheer momentum... and "Sense of Wonder."

I think there ought to be more escapist adventure fiction for present-day readers, and perhaps this book could teach young writers how to create such stories.

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Monday, July 01, 2019

Book review: THE DEVIL'S PARTY by Colin Wilson

THE DEVIL'S PARTY (2000) by Colin Wilson.

Well, this book left me underwhelmed.

When it comes to gruesome accounts of insane, violent cult leaders, brazenly dishonest charlatans and mass delusions, THE DEVIL'S PARTY delivers - in spades. Wilson writes in a plain, lucid prose about the rise and fall of Messianic cults - some of which you probably have come across in the news.

But when he tries to explain why and how these cult leaders gained such fanatical followings, and why the cults often ended in self-destructive violence, my skepticism starts tingling...

Wilson's explanations flirt with pseudoscience and mysticism. He finishes the book with grandiose claims about the hidden powers of the "unconscious mind" and comes off almost - but not quite - as one of the charlatans he describes in his own book.

Also, he promises to explain the psychology of cult followers but fails to do so. That's my biggest disappointment, because there's a mystery that really needs explaining.

The "big idea" of THE DEVIL'S PARTY is that you don't have to be crazy to become a cult leader, just insecure - and once people start worshipping you as a Messiah, this will drive you paranoid and crazy. (Well, duh.) Which is a perfectly reasonable argument, supported by evidence - but instead of delving deeper into this and using evidence, he goes off on an unrelated tangent about "untapped" mental powers that really isn't justified in the context of the book.

Recommended? Not really. If you want to read up on Messianic cults, there are plenty of other books.

FUN FACT: Colin Wilson also wrote the novel THE SPACE VAMPIRES, which was filmed as LIFE FORCE (1985) - a glorious mess of a movie.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Book review: THE SIBLING SOCIETY by Robert Bly

THE SIBLING SOCIETY (1996) by Robert Bly

From time to time, the matter of "masculinity" becomes a public debate. What does it mean to "be a man?" How does a man earn his adulthood? Should society change its demands on men? There will never be an end to this discussion.

In the 1990s, Robert Bly gained enormous attention with his book IRON JOHN, where he tried to give "modern" men a myth, or story, to help them figure out the mental growth and change they needed to develop a mature sense of self.

Bly is a poet, not a social scientist.
His approach is that myth, ritual and story are tools to instruct young men on a quasi-unconscious level. There's a whiff of "New Age" thinking about this, but I take his argument seriously: We need these tools.

In the book THE SIBLING SOCIETY, Bly further develops the theme of "reaching mental maturity." He is worried that modern Western society has not only lost the "rites of passage" that instruct young men that they must stop being kids - it's actively encouraging men to never grow up, leading to stunted development and unhappiness.

Note: Bly is not the reactionary you might expect. He clearly accuses commercial interests for denigrating the value of maturity and "infantilizing" men. (For example, he means that Western movies are a prime example of glorifying immature males.)

Recommended as "food for thought" rather than as a cure-all.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Book review: HANDLING THE UNDEAD (Hanteringen av odöda) by John Ajvide Lindqvist

HANDLING THE UNDEAD (2009) by John Ajvide Lindqvist.
(Original Swedish title: HANTERINGEN AV ODÖDA (2005).)

John Ajvide Lindqvist became a bestseller writer with his horror novel LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (a book so creepy I could barely finish it - and I mean that as a compliment!).

HANDLING THE UNDEAD was released after that monster hit (pun intended), so naturally expectations were high.

And it may not be bestseller material, but I really appreciate that Lindqvist did not try to repeat himself. The "undead" of the story are neither zombies nor ghosts. The story is not really about them, but about the living - about how we grieve and/or fear the dead, and how society tries (unsuccessfully) to control that grief and fear.

There is also an element of dark satire, when the Swedish "cradle-to-grave" welfare society tries to treat the undead as just another "social problem"... with unforeseen and ghastly results. (A "cradle-to-beyond-the-grave" society, if you wish...)

I think this novel is good. In places, it's even great. However, HANDLING THE UNDEAD comes just short of greatness. It seems to run out of steam towards the end, and the conclusion feels somewhat rushed.

It's creepy for sure, and refreshingly original, but... perhaps it could have offered a little more.
Recommended for readers of horror and weird fiction.

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Sunday, June 09, 2019


HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF MISERABLE (1966, revised edition 1987) by Dan Greenburg, with Marcia Jacobs.

Each time you blink, a new "self-help" book is published - packed with "Positive Thinking" and pictures of smiling, confident people.

This is not one of those books. It instructs you how to become more neurotic, pessimistic, apathetic, unsuccessful and lonely.

If you grew up reading MAD Magazine, you'll be familiar with this type of humor. The parody of Positive Thinking is spot-on and laugh-out-loud funny. The excellent cartoon illustrations only increase the amount of laughter to be had from this "sick" book.

Actually, HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF MISERABLE works on two "levels": both as a parody, and as a guide to recognizing self-destructive thinking through humor.

Warmly recommended to neurotics everywhere.
FUN TIP: Give this book to people who try to make you read self-help books! ;-)


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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Book review: THE INVISIBLE MAN by H.G. Wells

THE INVISIBLE MAN (1897) by H.G. Wells.

Invisibility is only now becoming technically possible, but already back in the 1890s H.G. Wells wrote a novel about it. THE INVISIBLE MAN holds up very well today.

Wells' stroke of genius was that he ignored all previous fairytale tropes about becoming invisible, and instead treated the subject seriously. The result was a gripping thriller.

The malicious protagonist Griffin invents an invisibility serum, and imagines that it will give him great power over people. But all his plans fail, as he runs into one practical obstacle after another.

The worst side effect of being invisible, it turns out, is psychological. Griffin grows increasingly deranged and hateful, and begins to plot a "reign of terror" - i.e. he becomes a terrorist.

Surely a cautionary tale for our times, eh? Today we suffer the terror of many "invisible men" who, like the protagonist of Wells' story, have gone mad from social isolation.

Recommended for young readers who need to get out and meet people... and everyone else.

Listen to the audiobook version of THE INVISIBLE MAN on Librivox

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Monday, June 03, 2019

Smakprov ur REX OMEGA - ny svensk thriller om monarkins framtid

Ny thriller om monarkins framtid
UTE NU på Bokus:

Tips: Sommarläsning

Du får säkert många tips om böcker att läsa i sommar...
...och jag vill också tipsa om de böcker jag har fått utgivna.
Dessa titlar finns att låna på biblioteket (som ebok, pocket eller ljudbok).

Böcker för barn:



För barn i "slukaråldern":

(Skriven av KG Johansson, illustrerad av A. R. Yngve)

SUPERMOBILEN (OBS: Kommer snart i tryckt nyutgåva!)

TERRA HEXA del 1-3

För tonåringar och vuxna:

DARC AGES - De mörka tidevarven
Här står jag och säljer DARC AGES-böckerna på Bokmässan i Göteborg.

VAERNEN DEN FÖRDÖMDE (OBS: Ej lämplig för läsare under 15 år)


Jag har också gett ut böcker som inte finns på svenska bibliotek. De finner du på Amazon.


Check out the sample figures from this book - I like them a lot, and I can confirm that the author accurately describes the "management culture" typical of my native Sweden.

WHEN CULTURES COLLIDE is a book about how management/organization culture differs in various countries, and the misunderstandings that can happen when different cultural mindsets clash in international business.

Going into a situation where we must communicate with people from other cultures, we often assume that "surely they will communicate in the same way we do."

But what if they don't? We carry a lot of unspoken assumptions -- what to say and when, how to "get to the point," what is proper/improper, etc. 

The author explains and describes how different cultural/historical circumstances shape different cultural patterns of communication and delegation. Some cultures will get along just fine (Finns and Americans, for example), others will run into misunderstandings.

Written in an easy, accessible style with lots of explanatory figures and anecdotes, the book makes the subject both entertaining and insightful. I learned a lot from it!

The "communication" diagrams are often quite funny; they will make you smile, perhaps in recognition of your own experiences.

Has the book dated well since it came out? It could be that cultural differences are being gradually "smoothed out" in today's interconnected world, but even so I think it is still valid.

Recommended not only for people who travel and work internationally, but also for those who are interested in understanding other cultures (and their own) in a practical, down-to-earth context.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ny recension av MONSTER I MASSOR

Min illustrerade barnbok MONSTER I MASSOR har fått en fin recension på Instagram.

"Monster i massor av A.R Yngve är en bok för alla som älskar monster oavsett ålder. "

Läs hela recensionen HÄR.

MONSTER I MASSOR finns på biblioteket!

Friday, May 24, 2019

BLOD & SVIN: En Skräckens Komedi

Läs ett utdrag ur min vampyrroman BLOD & SVIN: EN SKRÄCKENS KOMEDI, som finns på Fantastikbokklubben.

En ryslig och rolig rövarhistoria om Chefen Från Helvetet på Världens Ondaste Arbetsplats.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Book review: THE COSMIC PUPPETS by Philip K. Dick

THE COSMIC PUPPETS (1957) by Philip K. Dick.

One of Dick's lesser-known early novels,
so short it's nearly a novella, but well worth a read - and full of the weirdness that became his hallmark.

The protagonist visits his childhood small town Millgate, and finds an alternate-reality version of it - where he no longer should be alive.

Millgate has split in two - the town he remembers, and the different, decaying version that seems to have replaced it. (Or has it?)

Eventually it becomes evident that Millgate is the battleground of two vast, competing forces - one good, the other one evil...

Parts of this novel are reminiscent of Stephen King (if King had known how to write with fewer words) - an American small town haunted by a great supernatural evil, kids with magical powers... but it's unmistakably a Philip K. Dick story.

I wish more novels were as brief as this one! Perhaps the ending is a bit weak, and the story is a little too simplistic, but the novel as a whole works and would make a pretty good Urban Fantasy movie.

Recommended for its entertainment value.
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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Book review: "THE MECHANICAL BRIDE: Folklore of Industrial Man" by Marshall McLuhan


Marshall McLuhan was called "the prophet of the digital age."
He predicted the social and psychological effects of electronic media before anyone else, and coined the phrase "the global village" to describe the new interconnected world we live in today.

But before that, he was a Canadian professor of literature who began to study mass media - before "media theory" existed as a serious subject matter.

McLuhan's lectures on the subject formed the basis of THE MECHANICAL BRIDE. This book picks examples of media from the 1940s and 50s - newspaper front pages, magazines, comic books, gossip columns, advertising (old ads look very silly today), and picks them apart with an intellectual scalpel.

 One of the ads that McLuhan picks apart in this book.
(Note how ridiculous old ads often seem when viewed with today's eyes - but when they were new, they might have been effective!)

McLuhan's lectures on the subject formed the basis of THE MECHANICAL BRIDE. This book picks examples of media from the 1940s and 50s - newspaper front pages, magazines, comic books, gossip columns, advertising (old ads look very silly today), and picks them apart with an intellectual scalpel.

Please note: McLuhan is not a moral crusader. His tone is detached, witty, only occasionally condemning the cynicism of advertising agencies and their manipulation of the public mind.

Most of all he probes, asks questions, provokes the reader to think consciously about media:

- Why are Clark Kent and Dagwood (in the comic strip BLONDIE) popular, despite the fact that they are both rather pathetic?

- Why are ads using symbols to push products?

- How does a right-wing newspaper (the Fox News of its time) combine different news stories to create a "narrative" that pushes its agenda?

We may be more media-savvy today than when this book was new, but it is still thought-provoking, and McLuhan has a bit of "angry young man" in him here that is absent in his later works.

It is possible that this book inspired the writers of MAD Magazine to poke fun at ads, because THE MECHANICAL BRIDE is both clever and funny. Recommended!

Also recommended are McLuhan's books UNDERSTANDING MEDIA and THE GUTENBERG GALAXY.

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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Arbete pågår...

Jag gör illustrationer till en barnbok som en författarkollega har skrivit...

Behöver du få ett omslag gjort till DIN bok?
Kontakta mig via Facebook eller min officiella webbsajt.

Här är andra smakprov på omslag och illustrationer jag har gjort åt andra författare:

Thursday, May 02, 2019


by Sir Thomas Malory.

Reading this took some time - 550 pages of densely packed print!

Please note that the "author" of this work was mainly a translator and editor, who turned an existing body of books, poems and folklore into a prose narrative - probably the first printed novel in English.

So should LE MORTE D'ARTHUR be read as a novel in its own right, or as a collection of legends? I did both. (Malory keeps repeating the phrase "as the French book saith," thus pointing out that he is merely retelling a story.)

There are things about this book that will frustrate a modern-day reader. For example, Malory obsessively details every joust and duel like a nerdy sports fan - it gets repetitive.
But he often rushes through events that are unusual or interesting if they have nothing to do with fights or jousting.

Other details about this book may surprise you. Merlin is killed off very early in the story; the villain Mordred gets very little plot space; the Quest for the Holy Grail just pops out of thin air; the fights are gory as hell; there are no dragons.

One thing in particular strikes me: the heroes are very violent men trying to uphold a code of civility in a fiercely tribal honor culture. They are devoutly religious but their tribal ways clash with Christian ideals, and there's a constant tension between the knight's lifestyle and his faith.

This edition features 19th-century illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley, but frankly I don't like them. They are often done in a sloppy manner and most of them have nothing to do with the plot.

Recommended for readers (and writers) who like to study the source material of modern fantasy and popular culture.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Book review: FACTFULNESS by Hans Rosling

FACTFULNESS (2018) by Hans Rosling

This book is dominated by statistics and graphs, showing the positive trends of development and social progress in recent times.

Boring? Not at all.

The late Hans Rosling used statistics, and his personal experience, to argue - forcefully - that the current pessimism about our future is misguided. The state of the world really has improved, and keeps improving.

Was Rosling overly optimistic? Or was he essentially a realist? Whatever becomes of our future, you need to read FACTFULNESS as an antidote to unthinking pessimism.

Recommended for people who need cheering up.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Recension: HYTTEBOK FRÅ HELVETE av Are Kalvø

Jag är svensk och bor i Norge, men har aldrig varit förtjust i "friluftsliv".

I denna bok försöker den norske satirikern Are Kalvö lära sig gilla friluftslivet genom att "gå på tur" - till fots och på skidor.

Han möter en väldigt inskränkt, inte så lite självgod subkultur som har upphöjt friluftslivet till ett slags sekulär religion... och han gör narr av den. 

Jag står på författarens sida, och det är alltid roligt att skratta åt människor som saknar självironi.

Rekommenderas för svenskar och andra invandrare i Norge som vill förstå friluftslivets glädje (eller vanvett). Också ett kul sätt att lära sig nynorsk.

Monday, April 15, 2019

REX OMEGA - "en nervkittlande thriller"

På bokbloggen har min nya bok REX OMEGA fått en mycket positiv recension:

"Yngve har skrivit en nervkittlande thriller, där dagsaktuella frågor får ett framtidsperspektiv."

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Monarkins framtid i fiktionen och verkligheten...

I min nya roman REX OMEGA (bokstavligen latin för "siste kung") tas frågan om monarkins framtid upp, mot bakgrund av en nationell kris.

I Sverige är monarkin fortfarande populär bland många, även om det också finns kritiska röster - bl.a. Republikanska Föreningen:
(OBS: Jag är inte medlem av denna förening; jag varken stöder eller tar avstånd från den.)

Tror du att Sverige kommer att fortsätta som monarki - och i så fall, kommer vi att tillsätta kung/drottning via val, eller arvsrätt?

Romanen REX OMEGA finns i nätbokhandlarna och kommer snart att finnas på svenska bibliotek.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Bokrecension: A MAZE OF DEATH av Philip K. Dick

A MAZE OF DEATH (1970) av Philip K. Dick har getts ut på svenska med titeln DRÅPAREN (Delta Förlag).

Detta är "metafysisk fiktion" förklädd till science fiction, och är förmodligen den finaste roman Dick någonsin skrivit. Den är också en av hans allra mörkaste.

En grupp dysfunktionella människor blir strandsatta på en bisarr, farlig planet där någon okänd kraft eller ond makt dödar dem en efter en.

Och de försöker finna frälsning i en religion som inte existerar i vår verklighet...

I den här romanen uppfann Dick en hel fiktiv teologi, och läsaren skulle kunna invända: Varför skapa en påhittad religion när det finns så gott om verkliga sådana?

Jag tror att den fiktiva religionen gör det lättare att hantera frågor om metafysik och tro, eftersom den inte kolliderar med riktiga dogmer och trossystem. (Den är också ganska rolig.)

Jag gillar verkligen A MAZE OF DEATH. Jag skulle till och med hävda att den är av tidernas allra bästa SF-romaner. Varje gång jag läser den här boken upptäcker jag någonting nytt.

Dick lyckas också göra varje karaktär distinkt - men trots deras djupa brister skildras de flesta av dem med medkänsla. Det finns ingen egentlig "skurk" i denna roman.

Fast det här är inte en roman som passar alla. Den är som sagt väldigt mörk. Rekommenderas för läsare som törs läsa böcker som verkligen stökar om i deras hjärnor...

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

TiraTiger Förlag på SciFiWorld...

Tora Greve, ansvarig utgivare på TiraTiger Förlag (som har gett ut min nya roman REX OMEGA), medverkade på mässan SciFiWorld i Malmö (30-31 mars).

HÄR kan du läsa Toras reportage från mässan, på förlagets blogg. 

REX OMEGA såldes också på förlagets bokbord.

Monday, April 01, 2019

REX OMEGA - ny trailer

REX OMEGA finns att köpa på,, och
Finns REX OMEGA på ditt bibliotek? Fråga en bibliotekarie!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ny recension av REX OMEGA...

Bloggen Bokhyllan har postat en väldigt positiv recension av min nya spänningsroman REX OMEGA.

"Har nu läst ganska många böcker av denna författare och kan fullständigt klart konstatera att den här nyaste romanen – en underhållande politisk thriller – toppar allt tidigare."

Läs hela recensionen HÄR.

Bloggen Mest Lenas Godsaker - gav REX OMEGA betyget 4 stjärnor av 5.

"Jag tyckte att jag drogs in i storyn med hull och hår redan från första kapitlet. Språket var rappt och boken var otroligt lättläst och underhållande."

Läs hela recensionen HÄR.

REX OMEGA finns att köpa i de flesta större nätbokhandlarna.