Monday, April 03, 2006

Short Stories Up For Review in the Baen Slushpile Messageboard

The new magazine BAEN'S UNIVERSE has created an original review system for stories submitted for review.

You might call it "outsourced editing": The writer posts a story on the Baen's Universe Slush messageboard.

Then the readers can log in, read the story and post their comments, suggestions and criticisms in the Slush Comments section. The writer reads the comments, posts revised versions of the story, and the process goes around until the story is deemed good enough for proper submission to the Editor.
The advantage of this system is that it provides writers with free editing. You get fast and specific feedback from readers, instead of waiting weeks or months for a brief reply from an editor.

Is this review system the wave of the future? You tell me...

I have recently posted THREE stories for review there:
"SEE", "The Five Fingers" and "The Battery Vanishes".

(You need to be logged in to read them, but it's free.)

UPDATE: a new, extended and somewhat changed version of "The Battery Vanishes" has been posted here:

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