Monday, August 15, 2016

"The Frozen Sleep: Fact and Fiction" (now in English)

In DARC AGES, the hero is frozen alive and then re-animated in the future...
I have written an article on this theme, previously in Swedish. It's now also available in English, on the official DARC AGES website:

"The Frozen Sleep: Fact and Fiction" (English version)

"Den frusna sömnen: Fakta och fiktion" (Swedish version)

 Cryonics, the technique of deep-freezing dead people, has existed since 1967, and in modern medicine hypothermia (deliberate lowering of body temperature) is used to keep patients alive.

However, there are still no (official) experiments in deep-freezing a live human being, and no known technology exists to thaw a frozen human body and revive it.

The practical difficulties of deep-freezing people are many.

Cells and major organs can be seriously damaged by freezing. Chemicals can be injected into the body to prevent the formation of ice crystals, and this can eliminate such injuries, but does not solve all problems.

The biggest problem with modern "cryonics" is that people are only frozen after they die (usually only hours after death occurs). Advocates of cryonics argue that in the distant future, science will be able to revive even the dead - but how this would be done is not clear.

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