Monday, November 28, 2016

BooksOfDoom recenserar "DARC AGES - De mörka tidevarven"-trilogin...

Bokbloggen BooksOfDoom har recenserat trilogin DARC AGES - De mörka tidevarven, på engelska -- och tyckte mycket bra om den.

Darc Ages: The Awakening (Uppvaknandet) by A.R. Yngve is the first book, since Douglas Adams, that made me laugh out loud. A lot! There was a constant hilarity in both the way the world worked, the presentation of the characters, and what they said. That alone is reason for me to recommend the trilogy of Darc Ages.

Läs hela recensionen HÄR (på Instagram).
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- Här kan du köpa böckerna på engelska 

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