Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sneak peek: PRECINCT 20: DEAD STRANGE book cover

Here is the revised cover design for
- a collection of weird and creepy urban tales, coming in 2018 on Amazon.
Read sample stories here:

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Looking for Amazon reviewers!

I'm looking for Amazon reviewers for my English-language books! 
Interested? Then visit

Click on any title to read sample chapters, and decide whether you think the book is worth purchasing and reviewing on Amazon.

Genres include: SF, horror, children's books, YA.

Bokrean pågår än!

Missa inte BOKREAN på Bokus! 
Snart är det för sent att köpa dessa spännande och skojiga böcker till vrakpriser. 
Passa på IDAG! 

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

WARNING: This trailer might get under your skin

COMING IN 2018 on Amazon, in paperback and ebook format:

If a house can be haunted, what about a whole city block? Or an entire neighborhood?
Welcome to the 20th.

Precinct 20 is the oldest district in the City. The buildings are not only inhabited by people, but also by some unseen, malignant force -- a dark energy that permeates every brick, every block of concrete.
All murders in Precinct 20 are strange. It is as if the area exists on top of a crack in reality, where the uncanny seeps out... and people fall in.

In this unsettling district, nicknamed "the place where careers go to die," Innis Garris is the one detective on the Homicide squad who is determined to solve any murder mystery... no matter how impossible or insane.

If the job doesn't kill him first...
Read a selection of stories from this collection on Wattpad.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Bokrean pågår!

Bokrean pågår på Bokus! Om du skyndar dig, kan du få tag i flera av mina böcker till extra låga priser:

Mina titlar till rea-pris på Bokus

Om läsarens respons

Författare vet redan detta, men läsare behöver påminnas ibland: Författare behöver recensioner och läsarreaktioner! 

Om du har läst en bok - eller novell - som du gillar, så skriv en recension eller poängsätt den där du köpte den... eller säg till på biblioteket där du lånade boken att den var bra... eller bara tipsa en vän. 

Tro mig - din respons betyder mycket.