Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Get ready for FANTASTIKA 2018

I am now in the hectic final preparation stages for this weekend's big event:
FANTASTIKA 2018, the national Swedish SF/Fantasy convention, with a stellar cast of guests (Mike Carey, Kij Johnson, Ian Watson) and lots of fans, writers and artists mingling.

I will participate in two panel debates (if only I can think of something interesting to say besides "err" and "well" and "what he said"), and I will try to sell and sign some books.

The convention staff has wisely fixed a book shop for all visiting authors. This means I will -- for once -- have the time to mingle with fans, authors and artists for THREE WHOLE DAYS. Wo-hoo!

See you there!


UPDATE (June 20): I have returned from a very pleasant congress visit, and will shortly post a report about in on this blog -- in Swedish.

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