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I like horror movies, and I've been reading horror stories since childhood. Already in primary school I began to write short "chillers." In the 90s I wrote and drew a horror comic-strip which was printed in a Swedish magazine.

Once I got into writing longer books and novels, I also started writing scary shorts again. But in order to write horror in the novel format, I would need at least one really good supporting idea.

One day I read a news article about industrial pig farms - a cruel system that pollutes the environment and treats both pigs and employees badly.

That became the creative spark: I was going to write a satire about that particular industry. And that idea was mixed with another: A business manager who WAS a monster.

There I met an obstacle: My rational brain wanted to write about a terrifying blood-sucking monster, but at the same time also "understand" it.

So I pondered: What IS a vampire, really? How can something be both alive and dead? How do those mirrors, crucifixes and garlic work? And why drink blood anyway?

Soon I came up with a solution that would not ruin the horror, and also put a fresh spin on the vampire theme.

Another important inspiration for BLOD & SVIN was the movie FRIGHT NIGHT from 1985. It mixes horror and humor - and is also a "meta-movie". BLOOD & SWINE is partly also a meta-commentary on the vampire genre.

Some parts of my book came from things I have heard or read about dysfunctional workplaces and "psychopaths in the workplace."

To make a long story short: After many rejections and a self-publication, the publisher Saga Egmont signed with me to publish a Swedish translation of BLOOD & SWINE in the summer of 2021.

BLOOD & SWINE is available on Amazon.
Link to the original English edition:

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